11/10 Tuesday: 240th Anniversary of the Marine Corps, Allen Toussaint, Raymond Strother

Hour 1: 

Retired Marine Corps Major General Ron Richard

Major General Ron Richard joins the show to discuss the 240th anniversary of the Marine Corps. Richard says everyone should provide some service to instill in them a sense of love and patriotism and give back to their country. 

Richard says Louisiana has the golden opportunity with a new governor coming into office to address young veterans coming back after years of war. He believes ROTC should be voluntary.  

Phillip Manuel 

Louisiana Jazz singer Phillip Manuel talks with Jim about the life and death of Allen Toussaint. Toussaint passed away today in Madrid, Spain after a concert due to a heart attack. Manuel discusses being exposed to Toussaint's music at an early age. 

Hour 2:

Raymond Strother

Political Consultant Raymond Strother talks about the presidential election. He says the Republican debates haven't been as fair as they should be. Strother comments on the gubernatorial election. He listens to David Vitter and John Bel Edwards address Vitter's prostitution scandal and believes Vitter is trying to get the evangelical vote back. Strother discusses the use of private investigators during an election.