10/07 Wednesday: Author David Maraniss, Baton Rouge Arts and Science Museum, LSU v. South Carolina Game, F. King Alexander Censured, and Author William Doyle on JFK


David Maraniss

David Maraniss is an associate editor at The Washington Post.  He is the author of six critically-acclaimed books.  He shares his latest book, Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story today.  He discusses the political climate in Detroit in the 1960s, including the attempt to host the 1968 Olympics and riots surrounding the Civil Rights' Movement. 

Jeff Palermo 

Jeff Palermo is the News Director at Louisiana Radio Network.  He comments on the move of the South Carolina v. LSU game.  South Carolina University announces their game with LSU will not be played in Columbia as originally scheduled, but instead they will come to Baton Rouge.  The game will begin at 2:30 PM. During the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday morning, Gamecock Coach Steve Spurrier said in light of the catastrophic flooding, whatever decision was made needed to be one that was right for the community of Columbia.  "What's best for the victims of the flood is something that has to be taken into serious consideration," said Spurrier. 

Douglas Kennedy

Douglas Kennedy is the Audience Engagement and Public Relations Manager at Louisiana Art & Science Museum.  He promotes the 30th Annual Gala which will be held this Friday, October 9th, from 7:30-10 p.m.  Tickets are available here


Kevin Cope

Kevin Cope is the Louisiana State University Faculty Senate President.  He discusses the censuring of F. King Alexander after Alexander fired a tenured professor.  THe teacher is accused of using profanity and sexual content that allegedly made students feel uncomfortable.  Early childhood education teacher Teresa Buchanan was a tenured professor and dismissed in June.  They voted 39 to 5 to censure F. King Alexander.  Cope says they're disappointed how Alexander handled the situation.  Cope says they’re not talking about the guilt or innocence of the teacher, just the process by which she was fired.

William Doyle 

William Doyle is the author of PT 109: An American Epic of War, Survival, and the Destiny of John F. Kennedy.  Doyle also served as director of original programming for HBO, and he is coproducer of the PBS special Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story.  Doyle provides insight to this part of JFK's life.