10/23 Friday: Gubernatorial Candidate John Bel Edwards, Lt. Governor Candidates Kip Holden and Billy Nungesser, Gubernatorial Election, and Hurricane Patricia


Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard is the Editor of The Advocate Capitol news bureau covering Louisiana government and politics.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election tomorrow and the possibility of a runoff.  Ballard also says that voter turnout is expected to be about 50%. 

John Bel Edwards

John Bel Edwards is the only Gubernatorial Candidate who is a Democrat.  He shares his campaign message and plans for Louisiana.  Edwards says, "I can think of 1000 reasons not to vote for David Vitter before I get to his 'serious sin.'" Voting is tomorrow.  

Kip Holden

Kip Holden is the Mayor of Baton Rouge and a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  He discusses his plan for Louisiana and how he would improve tourism if elected.

Ted James

Edward Ted James is a personal injury and criminal defense attorney.  He is currently a Louisiana State Representative for District 101.  He comments on the BESE election, endorsing Carolyn Hill. 


Billy Nungesser

Billy Nungesser is the President of Plaquemines Parish.  He is also a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  He shares his plans for Louisiana if elected and why he is a qualified candidate. 

Barry Keim 

Barry Keim is a Professor and Louisiana State Climatologist.  He gives news on Hurricane Patricia.  Dr. Keim says this storm will be worse than the likes of Hurricanes Andrew, Camille, or Katrina. 

Gus Weill


Gus Weill is a Louisiana politico and well known author.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election tomorrow.  He also comments on voter turnout.  Weill also comments on David Vitter's handling of his 'serious sin.'