10/2 Friday: American Organized Crime, Last Night's Gubernatorial Debate, FBI Chief Michael Anderson, and Lt. Governor Candidate John Young


Joe Urschel

Joe Urschel is an Executive Director of the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, DC. He is a former managing editor of USA TODAY where he also served as a senior correspondent and columnist and has worked for the Detroit Free Press as a reporter, critic and editor.  Urschel shares his book The Year of Fear

Clancy Dubos 

Clancy Dubos is the publisher of Gambit.  He comments on last night's Gubernatorial debate.  

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is a section chief of the employee services section in the human resources division of the FBI headquarters.   


John Young

John Young is the Jefferson Parish President.  He is running for Lieutenant Governor.  He shares his campaign with Jim and what he plans to do for Louisiana.