WEDNESDAY: Hillar Moore, Kevin Kane, Susan Mustafa

Hour 1:

We start the day with East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar more who talks about the crime problem in Louisiana and what should be done about it.

Moore says we are not only able to track murders, we can track when somebody takes a shot via GPS coordinates.

There are 14 Assistant DAs for every murder in New York City. There are less than 1 for every murder in Baton Rouge.

The average on executions in Louisiana because of appeals is 20-25 years.

Hour 2:

Kevin Kane, president of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy, shares his thoughts about the high cost of incarceration in Louisiana.

We have more prisoners per capita than any entity in the Western hemisphere. 

kevin kane.gif

Then it's Susan Mustafa who wrote three true crime novels about serial killers with links to Louisiana including Derrick Todd Lee.