THURSDAY: Peter Kovacs, Garret Graves, Mathew Laborde, Edwin Edwards, Lamar White Jr.

Baton Rouge/New Orleans/Lafayette Advocate Editor Peter Kovacs kicks off the show today with his thoughts on the newspaper business and why The Advocate does not endorse candidates.

6th Congressional District Candidate Garret Graves calls in and calls Former Governor Edwin Edwards' accusations that his father was awarded government contracts while Graves worked for the state "completely baseless and absurd."

In Hour 2 we are joined by Mathew Laborde on the Forum 35 Reindeer Run & Jingle Bell Jog tomorrow night in downtown Baton Rouge.

Edwards then calls to respond to Graves call. Things get heated.

We are then joined by Lamar White Jr. -- he's the political blogger who broke the Bill Cassidy "Double Billing" story.