MONDAY: Jerry Ceppos, Jon Wertheim, Phyllis Schlafy, Bill Callaham, Gabe Sonnier

Hour One: Former Newspaper Editor ,and Dean of Manship School, Jerry Ceppos, discusses his guest column in The Advocate, and the Sony Studio hacking

Jon Wertheim, Executive Editor with Sports Illustrated Magazine, and co-author of, "You Can't Make This Up, Miracles, Memories, and the Perfect Marriage of Sports and Television"...discusses his book

Hour Two: Conservative Activist, and Author of, "A Choice Not an Echo", Phyllis Schlafly, discusses  Republican Candidates for 2016 Presidential Election

Bill Callaham, California Attorney, who was attacked 10 days ago in New Orleans

Joseph "Gabe" Sonnier, Featured story in People Magazine, from janitor to principal