TUESDAY: Rob Maness, Ronette Boshea, Stephen Handwerk, Robert Stewart, Aasif Mandvi

On this Veterans Day we are joined first by Col Rob Maness. Retired from the Airforce, Col. Maness talks about his campaign and his endorsement of Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy in the US Senate runoff against the Democratic iuncument Mary Landrieu.

Have you heard Landrieu's latest attack ad against Cassidy? We'll play that and share our thoughts.

Ronette Boshea is up next to chat about Tigerama tomorrow night. http://lsutigerama2013.com

To round out the hour we visit with Tiger Rag Magazine Editor Robert Stewart on the Joe Alleva state about the inappropriate Nick Saban chants in Tiger Stadium.

To start Hour 2, we're joined in studio by Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party Stephen Handwerk.

Then it's Aasif Mandvi From The Daily Show on his book "No Land's Man'