07/24 Monday: Dawn Wells, Ameen Walker, Terry Heaton, Reginald Brown

Hour 1:

Dawn Wells

Famous for her roll as Mary Ann on the hit sitcom Gilligan's Island Dawn Wells, chats with Jim about her life after the show. She's an actress, producer, author, spokesperson, journalist, motivational speaker, teacher, and humanitarian. Wells has starred in over 150 TV shows, and 7 motion pictures, and has starred in 60+ theatrical productions across the country and on The Great White Way.

Ameen Walker 


Ameen Walker, president of First Financial, joins Jim in studio to discuss his membership in the Masons. Walker is a 32nd degree Mason and is the Master of Ceremonies. He talks about the charitable work the Masons do on a daily basis. 

Hour 2:

Terry Heaton

Author, Terry Heaton chats with Jim about his latest book, The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP.

"The bitter political and religious divides we see today in America have roots that go back many decades. The televangelist Pat Robertson was one of the first to determine how battlelines were drawn. Robertson, now a leading and unflinching Trump supporter, rose to national prominence in the 1960s with his Christian Broadcasting Network and his hit show The 700 Club. Terry Heaton, who worked alongside Robertson at The 700 Club and became its executive producer, provides the inside story of how evangelical Christianity forced itself on a needy Republican Party in order to gain political influence on a global level. " -Amazon

Reginald Brown

The East Baton Rouge Parish Constable, Reginald Brown Sr., joins the discussion to comment on the retiring of Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie. Brown also addresses crime rates around East Baton Rouge Parish. 

07/21 Friday: Marketa Walters, Rhenda Hodnett, Casey Tingle

Hour One

Marketa Walters and Rhenda Hodnett

DCFS Secretary Marketa Walters and Rhenda Hodnett, DCFS Assistant Director for Child Welfare, came on air to talk about the new approach in Louisiana to foster care for our children – the Quality Parenting Initiative. The two ladies joined our guest host, Julie Baxter Payer. 


Hour Two

Casey Tingle

 Casey Tingle is GOHSEP’s Assistant Deputy Director for Hazard Mitigation; he discussed how specific communities across the state are using the just-announced flood recovery money (Governor’s announcement of FEMA’s HMGP money post 2016 floods) to improve drainage in their towns, fortify their towns for the “next storm”, how the communities gave their input. 

07/20 Thursday: Gene Healy, Mark Ballard, Mike Wolf

Hour One

Gene Healy

Gene Healy is the vice president at the Cato Institute; he was on air to discuss his opinion on using the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of office. In addition to being VP, he has authored a few books, been published in The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Legal Times and has appeared on talkshows. 

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard of The Advocate will be on air to discuss superintendent John White and other affirs happening in Louisiana. 


Hour Two

Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf is a Baton Rouge attorney and the owner of Michael S. Wolf, Attorney at Law. He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his Juris Doctor the LSU Law Center. He spoke on various topics, including Trump. 

07/19 Wednesday: JR Ball and John White

Hour One

JR Ball

The Executive Editor for the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, JR Ball, joined as the guest for the hour. He commented on BR traffic and gridlock in government. Ball is originally from Baltimore. 

Hour Two

John White


Superintendent of Education John White was here to discuss the state of education in Louisiana. Superintendent White ppointed to his current position in January 2012 by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

07/18 Tuesday: Stephanie Possa, Ace Atkins and Mike Bertaut

Hour One

Stephanie Possa

Attorney Stephanie Possa was here to promote an event called "BigWigs;" an event hosted to raise awareness for breast cancer. This year's event is hosted at L'Auberge in Baton Rouge on Thursday at 6:30. The number to call for more info is 225-615-8740. 

Ace Atkins

Ace Atkins is a New York Times bestselling author; his latest book that he discussed on air is The Fallen. He has written a plethora of books over the years and was a former football star at Auburn University. 

Hour Two

Mike Bertuat


Mike Bertaut is  from Blue Cross Blue Shield and commented the GOP's failing healthcare bill and healthcare in Louisiana.