09/25 Monday: Burt McCollum, Clarence Buggs, Kenny Havard, Jim George

Hour 1:

Burt McCollum

Bart McCollum.jpg

President and COO of AmeriFlex Burt McCollum joins guest host Leo Honeycutt to discuss the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare bill. 

Clarence Buggs

Talk show host on Baton Rouge's Talk 107.3,Clarence Buggs, switches gears and chats with Leo about the NFL protests over the weekend. During Clarence's morning show, he says many people were not upset that the players were protesting, but upset with the way they protested. 

Hour 2:

Kenny Havard

St. Francisville Rep. Kenny Havard joins the conversation to discuss cutting state tax dollars for the New Orleans Saints after multiple players refused to stand during the national anthem. 

Jim George

Retired attorney Jim George also comments on the NFL and players sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. 

09/22 Friday: Billy Nungesser, Anthony Piazza

Billy Nungesser


Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser was the first guest. He talked about a variety of topics from his career to increasing tourism in Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana.  

Anthony Piazza


Anthony Piazza (right) is the operator of Phil's Oyster Bar. Phil's Oyster Bar has been in the family business for over 40 years. Anthony and his brother Jordan (left) reopened and now run the famous oyster bar. 

09/20: Ramsey Dardar, Mary Stein, Jan Moller

Hour One

Ramsey Dardar


Former LSU football player Ramsey Dardar was on air after being in jail for the past 19 years. Dardar talked about his comeback into society following his release and his tenure in jail. Prior to going to jail he played for the Cardinals for one year and was a star at LSU.  He was released a few days ago.


Mary Stein


Mary Stein from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library talked more about events being hosted by the library. The EBR Parish Library will host "Marche de Galvez” at Galvez Plaza from 2 until 4 p.m. Sunday, September 24. The Human Jukebox rom Southern University will be featured at the event. 

Hour Two

Jan Moller


Jan Moller is the director of the Louisiana Budget Project and spent the hour talking about healthcare in Louisiana.

9/19 Tuesday: Michael Korda, Stephen Waguespack

Hour 1:

Michael Korda

Former editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster and author of Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory, Michael Korda, chats with Jim about the Battle of Dunkirk. Korda comments what is was like to be a child in London during WWII. 

Hour 2: 

Stephen Waguespack


President and CEO of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry Stephen Waguespack joins Jim in studio. Waguespack discusses minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour in Louisiana, and equal pay.