9/30 Wednesday: Two Candidates for Lt. Governor, Gun Control, and the Gubernatorial Election, Ovation's New Art Show


Kip Holden

Kip Holden is the Mayor of Baton Rouge.  He is running for Lieutenant Governor and shares his campaign with Jim. 

Ron Faucheux

Ron Faucheux is a former state lawmaker and political analyst.  He shares new polls regarding the Gubernatorial election. 


Sara Ritchey, PhD

Sara Ritchey is a European History Professor at ULL.  She wrote Stricter gun laws for abusers could save precious lives.  Ritchey discusses her beliefs on gun control. 

Billy Nungesser

Billy Nungesser is the former Plaquemines Parish President.  He is running for Lieutenant Governor and shares his plan for Louisiana.

Carol Lee Brousseau

Carol Lee Brousseau is an actress.  She talks about her new show on Ovation Art Breakers.  

9/29 Tuesday: John Bel Edwards, Melanie Bronfin, Mike Wolf

Hour 1:

John Bel Edwards

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards joins the conversation to discuss the upcoming October 24th election. Edwards says he feels optimistic about his chances in the runoff. He discusses what's at stake for Louisiana. 

Edwards says he will rebuild the healthcare plan in the state. He is the only candidate that supports increasing the minimum wage and discusses why he believes it should be raised. 

Hour 2:

Melanie Bronfin

Melanie Bronfin

Executive Director of the Policy Institute for Children Melanie Bronfin joins us in studio to talk about increasing funding for childcare and education programs in the state. She says nearly 50% of children are being raised in single parent homes. 

Mike Wolf

We're joined by libertarian attorney Mike Wolf to discuss his book, A Summary of Buddhadharma, as well as, prostitution and marijuana.  He says using marijuana for relaxation is considered a medical reason.  Wolf explains the double standard of promiscuity and prostitution. 

9/28 Monday: CBS Report, Relationships and Social Media, Rush Hour Traffic and Your Heart Health, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


Jamie Wax

Jamie Wax is a CBS correspondent and actor.  He reports from CBS in New York on the United Nations General Assembly. 

Corey Porche

Corey Porche is a counselor.  He talks about the difficulties and pressures which social media inflict upon relationships.  

Dr. Joseph Cefalu

Dr. Joseph Cefalu is a Baton Rouge cardiologist.  He warns against the dangers of rush hour traffic against your health.  


Jeremy Alford

Jeremy Alford is the publisher and owner of lapolitics.com.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election.  

John Hill

John Hill is the Gannett Capital Bureau Chief and covered the governor's mansion for four decades.  He says the Gubernatorial election is not in the bag for anyone.  

9/25 Friday: Adventures in the Antrhopocene, Resignation of John Boehner, Stock Market, the Gubernatorial Election, and the 2016 Presidential Race


Gaia Vince

Gaia Vince is a journalist who specializes in science, the environment, and social issues.  She discusses her book Adventures in the Anthropocene.  

Dan Moldea

Dan Moldea has been an independent crime reporter since October 1974.  He discusses the resignation of Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner.  

Fred Dent III

Fred Dent III is the CFA of Dent Asset Management, as he has been since 1997.  He discusses the dynamics of the Stock Market.  


Gus Weill

Gus Weill is a noted Louisiana author and politico.  He discusses the resignation of John Boehner, the Gubernatorial election, adn the 2016 Presidential race. 

James Moran is the Associate Editor at Tiger Rag Magazine.  He gives an update of the LSU v. Syracuse football game. 

9/24 Thursday: Buddy Caldwell, Riverside Towing, Jason Dore, Ryan Anderson

Hour 1:

Buddy Caldwell

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell joins the show for a segment to talk about the upcoming Attorney General's election. Caldwell says he's the best fit for the job. 

Neil Sweeney

Attorney Neil Sweeney chats with Jim about the huge towing problem in Baton Rouge. Sweeney discusses a few lawsuits he has with Riverside Towing. 

Larry Bankston

Attorney for Riverside Towing Larry Bankston defends the company. 

Hour 2:

Jason Dore

We're joined by the Executive Director of the Louisiana Republican Party Jason Dore. Dore chats with Jim about the upcoming elections in the state. He says the worst scenario for gubernatorial candidate Senator David Vitter would be to have another Republican candidate in the runoff. 

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson, Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, joins the conversation to discuss the arrival of the Pope in the United States. He is a firm supporter of traditional marriage and says the Pope is highlighting the message of "family" while on his visit. 

Anderson recently released a book titled Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom, which discusses the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage. 

9/23 Wednesday: Donald Trump, GOP Pool of Candidates, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


William Schnaffer, MD

Dr. William Schaffner is the Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine Chairman at Vanderbilt University.  He discusses the controversial GOP Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.  Dr. Schaffner also comments on the New York Times article, Vaccine Issue Arises at Republican Debate, to Doctors’ Dismay

Julianne Thompson

Julianne Thompson is a political pundit and news commentator.  She is also a Republican Operative of the Tea Party of Atlanta in Georgia.  


Elliott Stonecipher

Elliott Stonecipher is a demographer, pollster, political pundit, civic activist, and public speaker from his native Shreveport, Louisiana.  He comments on the 2016 Presidential election and the Louisiana Gubernatorial election.